Haley's Events are Inspirational and Unforgettable

Keynote Presentations:

public speaking Haley has been professional trained as a keynote speaker and is a member of the NSA Mountain West Speakers Association.

Haley’s unique presentation will make your event unforgettable. Your audience will realize the destruction of anorexia, and will be filled with hope to overcome their own obstacles after hearing Haley’s extraordinary recovery. They will leave with a desire to love and take care of their bodies as well as gain a new appreciation for their own. With tools in hand to debunk media’s falsehoods and appreciate real beauty your audience will be edified and ready to face the world with a new strength.

Parenting Presentations:

In addition to the above presentation information Haley adds what parents can do to prevent eating disorders and what they can do if their own child is suffering.

High School Presentations:

public speaking Along with sharing her intense details of her own battle with anorexia, Haley speaks about warning signs, prevention, and the importance of getting treatment.
Her presentation includes fascinating facts about the media’s influence, air-brushing, and the subconscious connections we make between food and emotions. She uses amazing power point slides and pictures to demonstrate as she speaks.

Download Haley's High School Brochure to learn more.

Elementary Presentations:

Give your students the peace and freedom that comes from knowing the truth about food, body-image, and real beauty. Empower them against weight related bullying and also get invaluable tools and self-esteem building exercises.

Haley's natural ability to teach children in a fun and exciting manner is delightful. She can address these topics in a natural and age appropriate way. (Presentations are recommended to be divided into K-3rd grade students and 4th-6th grade students.)
Also, Haley offers your students an opportunity to order her book at a special discount price prior to her presentation so the children can get their copies signed by the author creating a memorable event! Contact her to discuss details.

Download Haley's Elementary Brochure to learn more.

Literacy Presentations:

Because Haley has written and published a book she can provide educational information about both processes.
She teaches about different writing exercises, tips, and styles.
She also provides slides and visual aids to show the publishing process.

Combo Presentations:

Often Haley is asked to do a combo presentation where she divides her time. She presents first about eating disorders and self esteem then closes with the literacy/ publishing presentation.

Eating Disorder Centers or Support Groups:

public speaking Haley shares her personal story which not only allows patients suffering with the same disease to feel that they are not alone, but it also gives them great hope for a full recovery since Haley has been recovered for over twelve years with no set backs.
She also enjoys speaking to their family, to provide them with a deeper understanding of the illness and allow them into the mind of someone who has anorexia.

Fireside and other religious based events:

public speaking Haley’s presentation includes her remarkable personal story of over coming depression and anorexia. She gives vital information about the destructive power of this addiction. She enjoys speaking in church events because it allows her to incorporate her faith, the power of the priesthood, and her testimony. She teaches the audience the importance of knowing their divine worth, having good self-esteem, and possessing the knowledge that they are a loved child of God.

Haley is open to speaking at additional types of events that are not listed, please contact her.
Download Haley's One Sheet.


Haley is not only a wonderful author, but she is a great presenter who relates well with the kids. I know she will strengthen many with her powerful message.

-- Sherry, High School Librarian

I loved Haley’s speech! It was very touching and inspirational. I know that she lifted up and inspired every young woman and mother in attendance, including myself.

-- Lisa Brereton, Author and High School Coordinator

“Haley's message and style of delivery is powerful. She gets to the heart of one of the biggest issues facing young women today and offers clear, hopeful, bottom line solutions. Every female should hear her presentation!

-- Cherie Burton Miss Utah 2004, author and Purpose Couch

Not only will you hear how Haley overcame her struggle with anorexia, you will be able to connect to her spirit to make a difference in this world. I have heard her speak and I have read her book multiple times and I always feel strength from her message. Haley provides a powerful conversation every mother, sister, and daughter should hear.

-- Karen Eddington, Self-Worth Analyst

Haley was amazing! Weeks after she spoke to us we were still talking about it. It was a wake-up call for everyone.

-- Phyllis Peterson, Educator in Nebo School District

Haley carried an important message and touched the hearts of many of our students who are struggling to face life. Her message gave them hope of recovery and fortitude. Her message is truly unique and provides a path that others can learn from.

-- Lanny Adamson, M.Ed. Headmaster Discovery Academy Therapeutic Boarding School

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